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Emu Loader v5.7.5 – Front End para MAME, ZiNc, Daphne, HazeMD y AGEMAME

Enviado por admin | Archivado en Emulacion

Se encuentra disponible la nueva version 5.7.5 de Emu Loader que es un Front End para MAME, ZiNc, Daphne, HazeMD y AGEMAME, que funciona bajo Windows, para bajarlo y saber mas de el visita su web.


Mejorias en esta version:

Game status not being updated after scanning games (only between "missing" and "found with missing ROMs/CHDs" status)
Main screen not being set active after exiting a game
The "Played x" captions in tiles view mode were being loaded without using virtual mode after exiting a game
Convert snapshots feature now support and rename up to 100 images per game
Scan games feature was not handling games with missing ROMs/CHDs correctly
Wrong CHD media type for some ZiNc games
ZiNc games set as available when all ROMs are found but .zip files are not in the same folder (not valid for ZiNc emulator). All files (.zip / .chd) must be in the same folder, but the .chd file can be placed in a sub-folder with the name of the gamename (like MAME). You do not need to add this sub-folder into the ROMs paths!
Remember that EL support multiple ROMs folders, even if ZiNc doen't, but to run games, all files of a particular game must be in the same folder
And NO MERGED sets!
A few games filters fixes (you need to create MAME games list again to apply them):
-> CHD tags "scsi0" and "scsi1" are moved to "CD-ROM" media type (\ini_files\chd_mediatypes.ini" file)... for now. This fixes all Konami System 573 games that were being set as hard-disk based games instead of CD-ROM
-> Konami Viper games were wrongly tagged as "Hard-Disk" CHD types. Changed them to "Compact Flash Card"... hard-coded into the "uMain.CreateGamesListXML" function!
-> American Laser Games were wrongly tagged as "Hard-Disk" CHD types as none of the discs are dumped yet. Changed them to "LaserDisc"... hard-coded into the "uMain.CreateGamesListXML" function!
Taito G-NET games were not being correctly detected due to not using "gamename.zip" files, only bios sets. But now, games that you do not have the .chd file are set as found with missing ROMs (Taito G-NET only) :_((
...some other games do not use "gamename.zip" as well but are not on this fix ("Konami Viper" system)
Visual bug in the message box when vertical scrollbar is visible
The current favorite profile was not being correctly selected when opening the favorites profile editor
Image resampler not being applied at startup and when switching between classic/layout image view modes
Merged games were not being added into the merged list ("\arcade\systemname_merged.ini")
All ZiNc icons renewed
Only 1 system support for "Scan Missing Images / MAMu_ Icons", "Scan Not Used Images / MAMu_ Icons"
...old screens with TreeView and multiple systems at once was a mess :_(
Scan not used MAMu_ icons: changed popup menu option "View Excluded List" to "View/Edit Excluded List" so you can edit and use the updated files list in real time ("\ini_files\el_mamu_exclude.ini" file)
New setting in popup menu on scan missing MAMu_ icons screen: icon size 16x16 or 32x32 :)
Games details screen:
-> CHD files are always audited in games details screen, no matter the status of the game
-> The parent CHD info is displayed in the ROMs list if the CHD of the clone game is not found but the parent CHD is (only if filenames are different)
-> Header version info for older CHD files (versions 1 and 2) are still displayed, but are not supported by the front-end
Minor optimizations to the scan results screen
Changes and optimizations in customize hidden games screen (main menu "Games Filters" / "Hidden Games" / "Customize")
-> Search patterns and columns width are saved in "el_extras.ini"
-> Games are now validated by "game name" and "system ID" tags only (no "clone of" anymore... kinda pointless)
-> Removed "Delete Duplicates" button. Done automatically when using "BEGIN SEARCH" button
-> All lists replaced by EasyListView components (cleaner and easier to work with)
-> This feature is main games list dependant now. External files ("\arcade\*.el" and "catver.ini") are no longer used to build the list in the editor. The scan is NOT affected by the main games filter
-> New layout :)
-> Fixed loading hidden games into the editor (very old bug!). It was not checking for the system tag. If there's a game with same name on different systems, they would all be added
-> System icon displayed with game icon on the first column
Feature scan audio samples optimized and UI updated
Other features are also dependant on the current main games list instead of "\arcade\*.el" and extras. Main games list is processed twice as fast and the progress bar became reduntant...
- "Scan for Missing Images / MAMu_ Icons"
- "Scan for Not Used Images / MAMu_ Icons"
- "Left Panel editor"
- "Scan Audio Samples"
- "Customize Hidden Games"
- "Not Used Zip Files"
Heavy optimization on add/delete games to/from favorites/hidden list functions (10000 items in 2 seconds!)
Tweaks and optimizations to EL's custom select file dialog (virtual mode)
An extra (and invisible) background for the icons was being draw on top bars (all screens)... guess I forgot to remove it from the source code
Revised and removed some more reduntant lines of code in the entire project
Disk entry detection when creating games list for systems that use ClrMAME's external XML databases
Support for ROMs list on ZiNc (based on ClrMAME XML file). EL can detect missing ROMs/CHDs on this system now ("\arcade\zinc_roms.el") :)
Get the ClrMAME XML file at Logiqx website (ZiNc v1.1 only!). The missing data is extracted from the MAME games list (if available).
Also updated file "\ini_files\zinc.ini", split in 2 sections: "[driver]" and "[gameindex]"
That makes Daphne the only system without ROMs list support...
Support for ZiNc bios entries. Now you have "parent / clone / bios" games IDs. The ID for all other systems were re-arranged, except MAME. You must re-create games list for all systems, except MAME. Also added 2 new icons for the ZiNc bios: "ZiNcBios.ico" and "UnZiNcBios.ico"
Note that you cannot run ZiNc bioses, this is only to improve games scanning...
New option to scan all games with missing ROMs/CHDs (games popup menu, "Scan Games" / "Missing ROMs/CHDs")
Support all systems, except Daphne
Support for MAME 0.131

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