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[No$gba v2.2f] Emulador de Gameboy Advance y Nintendo DS para Windows y DOS

Enviado por Fenix | Archivado en Emulacion, Noticias

Este emulador de Gameboy Advance y Nintendo DS para Windows y DOS ha sido actualizado para bajarlo y ver sus novedades visita su web.


Mejorias en esta version:

- cpu/help: added CPU Memory Alignments chapter (and info on mis-alignments)
- research: discovered wglCreateContext (despite no info in worst opengl specs)
- gba/video: hides invalid tiles in NDS-in-GBA-mode (invisible, unlike real gba)
- gba/video: shows invalid tiles in GBA/SP-mode (vertically striped) (jasper)
- gba/help: unprectiable things: described invalid tiles (thanks jasper vijn)
- gba/emu/help: corrected Prefetch Disable (1N+1I instead 1S+3I) (jasper vijn)
- gui: re-fixed game_template for multiple machines (@@total for dual-screen)
- nds/vram: nds7 emulated vram mirrors every 256K, disabled palette/oam access
- nds/vram: nds9 ignores 8bit-writes to vram/palette/oam (thanks gary linscott)
- nds/vram: nds7 allows 8bit-writes to vram (thanks gary linscott)
- cpu: ignores mis-alignment on NDS9 LDRH/LDRSH (unlike rotated GBA/NDS7 data)
- nds/debug: filesystem viewer rejects invalid nds headers (eg. passme files)
- nds: emulates reading 8bit/16bit-fractions from 32bit ipc_fifo_recv register
- cpu: emulates "ldr pc,[mem]" with misaligned jump-dest (with optional warning)
- nds/video: avoids divide-by-zero crashes in 3D perspective divisions
- gba/nds/video: speedup: color special effects by 1x32bit mul (instead 3x5bit)
- nds/help: fixed extended palette enable bits (dispcnt bit31,30 exchanged)
- a22i: supports macros (still without params) (.macro / ... / .endm)
- a22i: supports repeat macros (.rept / ..code or data.. / .endm)
- nds/video: emulates new nds master brightness up/down effect (port 400X06ch)
- vram viewer: supports NDS rot/scal mode with text-style 16bit bgmap entries
- gba/vram/emu/help: strb to vram: write-nothing reduced to 16K in bitmap mode
- gba/vram/emu/help: strb to vram: write-twice expanded to 80K in bitmap mode
- nds/video: new rotscal mode with 16bit map entries (400h tiles ext_pal xyflip)
- nds/video: extended palettes (256-color TEXT, 256-color OBJs, 16bit rotscal)
- nds/video: emulates large screen bitmap mode (not tested, but should work)
- nds/reset: also zero-fills 2D Engine B ports (bg0ofs scroll registers, etc.)
- cartloader: loads .NEF debug-info also for .NDS files (instead only for .SRL)
- cpu: allows mis-aligned thumb BX R15, auto-aligned to "($+4) AND NOT 2"
- gba/video: emulates obj-wrap; 64x64 scaled to 128x128 only in UPPER portion
- nds/help: described obj-wrap; 64x64 scaled to 128x128 in BOTH screen portions
- nds/video: screen-width for NDS rot/scal-obj (256 pix on NDS, instead 240 pix)

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ignacio cruzat
ignacio cruzat
12 años hace

no se como bajar el emulador pongan como se baja

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