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[Gameboy Advance] Dsemu v0.0.1a

Enviado por Fenix | Archivado en Emulacion, Noticias

Este emulador de Gameboy Advance para Windows ha sido actualizado para bajarlo y ver sus novedades visita su web. Al parecer tambien emulara el Gameboy DS habra que esperar



Another few small touches today. I reimplemented the MUL series in assembly, and that threw out a few bugs. It turned out that back when I'd changed MUL to reflect the proper opcode fields, I hadn't changed MULS. The proper pieces of asm has changed that though. Dunno if it actually helps any demos run, but it's always good to find a bug.

Also, I had a couple of demos running strange. One cleared half the screen before drawing (instead of all), and one drew half the screen (instead of all). Turns out that both use DMA3 to do the screen operation. And what'd you know, I had the word/halfword bit flipped. Change it around, and both Leonard's Trip and Torlus' Walk3d work fine. You can see screenshots in the usual place.

One more thing. You may have noticed I flipped the order of screenshots on the page. It just makes more sense to put the shinier ones on top.

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