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BeebEm 4.0 – Emulador de BBC Micro y Master 128 para Windows

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Se encuentra disponible la nueva version 4.0 del emulador BeebEm, que es un emulador de BBC Micro y Master 128 para Windows, para bajarlo y saber mas de el visita su web.


Mejorias en esta version:

Version 4.0 (Mike Wyatt, Rob O'Donnell, Steve Pick)
* Added clipboard functionality from the Mac port. Clipboard can be set as
destination for printer output, copy and paste menu options for BASIC
* Added file import/export for DFS disc images loaded into BeebEm. The
exported files use the standard archive format where .INF files store the
file attributes.
* Added support for disc, state and tape file specific preferences. When
loading a file from the command line, running a disk image or loading a
state file BeebEm will check for Preferences.cfg and Roms.cfg files in the
same folder as the image file. This makes it easier to set up different
preferences for different programs.
* Added ALT-ENTER keypress to toggle fullscreen mode.
* Creation of registry entries at installation:
* Reduced the tape control window size so it fits on a Netbook screen.
* Added Rob's IP options for serial port emulation. Allows connection via
TCP/IP to local or remote IP address. Incoming connections can be
supported via utilities such as tcpser.
* Debugger enhancements from Steve:
- User-defined breakpoints and watches.
- Break on BRK instruction.
- Support for loading VICE format label files, as generated by LD65 - this
lets you use text labels in place of addresses in all debugger commands.
- Memory map file allows short descriptions for memory ranges. Debugger
will use this to describe what location it's entered OS code at, or
where the break landed.
- Commands to toggle various UI checkboxes.
- Command to echo a line of text to debugger output.
- Debugger commands can now be loaded from a script file specified on the
BeebEm command line (with -DebugScript). Simple comments are also
- Sanitized some code, added DisplayDebugInfoF(format, ...) to output
formatted debugging info, sprintf() style.
- Beautified the debugging UI a bit.

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