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Ootake 2.10 – Emulador de PC Engine para Windows

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Ootake 2.10 emulador de PC Engine para Windows a sido actualizado para bajarlo y saber mas de el visita su web.


Mejorias en esta version:

- The speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real machine. In
"Cyber Dodge", the problem that the screen occasionally took the shape
when beginning to play a game (generated by a recent version) was solved.
In the Level-8 stage of "Prince of Persia", the problem that the upper
part of the screen has fallen into disorder was solved. In the start demo
of "Private Idol", the problem that the upper part of the screen
occasionally flickered was solved.
- Processing that decided the horizontal display beginning position was
corrected. In "Dragon Knight with Graffiti", when changing to the setting
that displays a right and left over scanning area, the problem that the
display had swerved to the right a little was solved.
- In the title screen of "Princess Maker 2", after the start demo, the
problem that an extra semicircle display had remained was solved.
- At the window mode, in the game that automatically connects the mouse (
"Lemmings" etc.), when the F1 key is pushed (reset function), the trouble
to which the game screen area had occasionally flickered was corrected.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

* The happiness of the game is the world human race commonness. It longs for
* I think that it cannot do improvement & correction of the above-mentioned
if there are many neither operation report nor defect report. Thank you
really for you who reported.

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