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BeebEm 4.01 – Emulador de BBC Micro y Master 128 para Windows

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BeebEm 4.01 emulador de BBC Micro y Master 128 para Windows a sido actualizado para bajarlo y saber mas de el visita su web.


Mejorias en esta version:

* Rewrote debugger command interpreter:
- Supports command names longer than one character
- Added command history (up/down arrows when command box focused)
- Commands are now implemented using function pointers, should be more
- More descriptive help - type 'help', 'help ' or 'help '.
- Better label support - any word in command arguments preceded with a '.'
is interpreted as a label and resolved before the args are passed to
the command handler.
* Fixed bug that prevented checkboxes enabled/disabled by command from
actually taking effect.
* Expanded debug memory map support:
- Maps can now be stored for each ROM, just put a .map file with the same
name as the ROM in the ROM's directory, for example BeebFile\BBC\os12.map
corresponds to BeebFile\BBC\OS12.ROM, and address queries (via
'help ') will return info from the currently selected ROM's map.
- Address info queries now understand shadow/private/sideways RAM in
different machines.
- Cleaned up MemoryMap.txt and moved it to BeebFile\BBC\OS12.map
* Added 'state m' command to get state of memory (ACCCON and Shadow/Sideways
RAM info)
* Added routines for extracting header info from paged ROMs, and 'state r'
command to dump this info in the debugger.
* Break now shows previous Program Counter address as well as the current
address. This is useful for finding where the source of a jump was.
* A bit of a hack to allow debug window to go behind main window, but also
come to foreground with main window.
* Added option to enable DirectX smoothing when only in teletext mode.

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