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Empire Earth 3 – Parche

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Imagen de Empire Earth 3

Vivendi Games y Mad Doc Software acaban de sacar el primer parche para Empire Earth 3 que trae entre sus principales novedades solucionar múltiples errores y pequeños fallos en cada uno de sus apartados, el demo pesa 327MB

+ Info del parche

Patch Known Issues:

* The game will sometimes take several minutes to switching screen resolutions. This occurs only if the resolution is changed while a skirmish or multiplayer game is in progress or has finished. In order to avoid this problem, we recommend changing screen resolutions prior to starting a game.
* When starting team games on "Trade Winds" map sometimes team members are not placed next to each other.
* AI naval fleets invading provinces in World Domination mode sometimes take several minutes to discover land.

Patch 1.1

General Gameplay Fixes:

* Pressing ctrl+alt+del in game and then pressing the task manager button no longer causes the game to crash.
* Units will be more responsive to move and attack orders during combat.
* Multiple fixes to tutorial to avoid non-progression issues.
* Selecting certain quickstarts will no longer start the game past popcap, with no builders.
* Custom Civs with naval units will now function properly if the user is on a map that does not have water.
* Ships are now much easier to un-garrison.
* User is able to properly tribute Naval Units to an enemy player.
* The Shipyard Mooring Area now properly heals ships.
* The West Siege Ship's Research Faster Reload is now functioning properly.
* The foundations of other users or AI’s buildings can no longer be seen by the player.
* When Researching the first unit in an upgrade chain, skipping one upgrade and then researching the next evolution of it, the player will no longer able to build two different unit types in the chain.
* Ungarrisoned units can no longer be seen through the fog of war.
* Far Eastern fortresses and Western Future Towers now automatically attack.
* Middle Eastern players can no longer tribute unlimited number of markets (in one territory) to an ally.
* Mideast buildings can no longer build any other Middle Eastern building using hotkeys.
* An Airstrike in-flight when City Center/Ministry is destroyed will no longer freeze in place.
* Bombers no longer overshoot their targets.
* Western Anti-Air guns are now much more effective.
* Lightning Sphere is no longer researched for free.
* Helicopters now show their proper research tooltips.
* Modern era submarines no longer shoot torpedoes at airplanes (which was funny, but still a bug).
* Existing German 88's are no longer changed into Tri-ped herc's when the Tri-Ped is researched.
* Middle Eastern SA-4 can no longer attack workers and trade carts.
* Build Warehouse Hotkey has now works for Western Builder in the Future Era.
* Nuke tooltip now properly describes irradiate effect which shuts down all buildings in the area.
* The "Research Advanced Torpedoes" ability now functions correctly.
* The "Immune to Panic and Confusion" tooltip is now properly applied to Panicked units.
* Cut "Carrack" unit no longer appears in tech tree.
* Tunnels now appear properly when reloaded from a saved game.
* Siege engines no longer move extremely slowly across river fords, and after ungarrisoning on shorelines.
* Partially built wall segments and connectors no longer have placeholder text tool tips when viewed though the fog of war.
* Unused Automute UI button removed.

Multiplayer Specific Fixes:

* Countdown timer now reflects the actual amount of time needed until a lagging player is kicked from a game.
* Setting an Arranged Team against two solo people players to join a "2v2" game no longer results in a 2v1v1 game.
* A player's units and buildings are now deleted when he or she resigns from a ranked multiplayer game.
* Arranged Teams no longer broken up when matched against random teams.

World Domination Fixes:

* Cost for using "People's Army" are now correctly applied.
* "Reinforcements" are now always available in Battle Mode.
* Using "Sabotage" against a Cultural Landmark properly removes the building and its effects.
* "Reinforcements" effect no longer lingers on the globe for two turns after you use it.
* "Frontiers" now properly reveals province information when researched.
* "Coup D'etat" no longer has a 100% failure rate.
* Middle Eastern Sapper now available to research in World Dom.
* Event-triggered province flash is preserved across save/load.
* Western spies now have player color applied to them.
* Middle Eastern players can no longer create armies without any City Centers in them if they replace the City Center with an
* Operative or Mujaheddin unit.
* Miniquest events will continue to trigger for the remainder of a World Dom campaign if the player leaves the map in between miniquest events.
* Group AI for event units more active while being attacked.
* Event units "Destroy Religious Cult" can no longer spawn inside the player's base.
* Multiple fixes for "Destroy Rebellious Amirs" event.
* Multiple fixes to "Liberate the Homeland" event.
* Multiple fixes to "Expansion" event.
* Multiple fixes to "Conquer the Holy Land" event.
* "Exploitation" objective text timer now matches event timer.
* "Shelter Monks" units no longer spawn in starting territory in Orient province.
* Multiple fixes when Eastern Miniquest and Imperial events fire simultaneously.
* Difficulty adjusted for Middle Eastern Miniquests.
* "Bomb Production Center" instructions now match Shock & Awe functionality.
* "Pacification" reward text in initial event description now lists the correct resource.
* "Bomb Production Center" now ends if you fail to complete the objective.
* "Complete Zen Training" player now receiving the +2 Research reward.
* Multiple fixes for "Liberate the Homeland".
* The commerce value of a province is now correctly lowered when failing the event "Exploitation".
* Event information window no longer stays on world map when withdrawing from battle.
* Removed placeholder text in the failure message for "Build an Airbase".
* The province that will be invaded for "Find and Kill the Nomad Leader" is now properly named in the quest description.
* "Test of Faith: House of Worship" success window now properly display Fealty reward.
* AOE from field weapons and siege guns killing the princess during "Rescue the Princess" will no longer result in a non-progression.

Map Fixes:

* The following maps had pathability and aesthetic issues addressed: Sandstorm, Gulf Crisis, Trade Winds, Frost, Sanguine Shore, Redfeather Gorge, India.
* Attacker's army and the Defender's army should no longer start the battle in the same territory in Western Europe.
* Attacker's army and the Defender's army should no longer start in the same territory in the Yukon province.

Descargar el parche de Empire Earth 3

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