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Meisei 1.3 – Emulador de MSX para Windows

Enviado por admin | Archivado en Emulacion

Meisei 1.3 emulador de MSX para Windows a sido actualizado para bajarlo y saber mas de el visita su web.


Mejorias en esta version:

- VDP: corrected vblank interrupt timing, it was 1 scanline too early
- VDP: improved render timing, updating the surface at the start of hblank
instead of at the start of the active scanline
- VDP: fixed screen 0 text colour 0 always being black
- Z80: if ld a,i/r is interrupted, the p/v flag is reset, thanks GuyveR800
- VDP: fixed a few small bugs with mode 3 sprite cloning
- VDP: fixed screen 0 border size
- VDP: corrected emulation of bogus mode 1+2(+3)
- Z80: made trace logger more user friendly, it's disabled by default though
- mappers: fixed Irem TAM-S1 (R-Type) mapper range
- mappers: added ROM mirroring quirk to Konami types
- mappers: common MegaROMs are autodected by finding mapper register writes,
inspired from Marat's fMSX
- mappers: removed Zemina ZMB type, no dumps exist in order to test it
- mappers: added optional extra settings per type, instead of all mapper types
being identified and auto-configured with a single id
- mappers: Konami Sound Cartridge can now be configured as Snatcher/SD Snatcher
type, or a modified board with 128KB RAM
- mappers: merged simple no-mapper types into a single one, and made the page
layout configurable, it's even possible to create a hybrid ROM/RAM board
- mappers: rewrote ASCII MegaROM emulation, with support for about 30 official
boards, and any custom configuration, props to http://gigamix.jp/rom/ . Also
thanks to OeiOeiVogeltje, Quibus, BiFiMSX, Haohmaru for testing their carts.
You can help too: http://samor.nl/hap/crap/ascii_range_todo.txt
- internal RAM size and primary slot can now be configured
- mappers: added Al-Alamiah Al-Qur'an type properly (protected/encrypted)
- added lumi noise simulation, for an answer to "wtf is a lumi noise?" watch

- VDP: corrected interrupt request/acknowledge timing due to a small delay
between that and accessing a VDP register
- VDP: added vblank interrupt/flag suppression quirk when reading the status
register at the same time the vblank bit gets set
- VDP: added Toshiba T6950/T7937A model
- added a firmware downloader, for indirectly obtaining essentials, such as
BIOS files, this will also check for meisei updates

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