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[JAPE 0.2] Emulador multiarcade programado en JAVA

Enviado por Fenix | Archivado en Emulacion, Noticias

http://i2.wp.com/www.emustarx.com/wp-images/estaticas/Arcade.jpgJAPE 0.2 es un emulador multiarcade programado en JAVA, basado en MAME su autor a sacado una nueva version para bajarlo y saber sus novedades visita su web:


Mejorias en esta version:
I added support for dipswitches loading/saving, default scanlines support (may be disabled) and 640x480 VESA support.
I also fixed a few gfx issues in Donkey Kong Jr. as well as window closing issues.
Here are supported changes from MAME 0.5 and MAME 0.6:
- I reorganized the source directory tree, instead of one directory for every game there are now four directories (drivers, machine, vidhrdw, sndhrdw) which contain files named after the game.
- Changed readroms() to allow scatter loading of a single ROM. This was needed for Donkey Kong Jr. Now the end of the RomModule array is marked by a size==0, while name==0 means "continue loading the previous ROM at this address".
- New function copybitmap() in common.c. Limited for now, will change in the future.

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