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[DotNES v0.25] Emulador de Nintendo para Windows

Enviado por Fenix | Archivado en Emulacion, Noticias

Nueva version de este emulador de Nintendo para Windows que al parecer su mas notable mejoria es que a aumentado la velocidad del proceso un 50% pero para saber todas sus mejoras y bajarlo visita su web.


Mejorias en esta version:

DotNES emulates the NES's 6502 CPU, PPU, Sound, and Joypad 1. But you'd pretty much expect that from any emulator. Current features include:

  • Mappers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 34, 68, 71 and 232. (MMC5 is technically implemented, but barely works.)
  • Saving SRAM to disk and saving/restoring state (still a bit buggy on some mappers).
  • Sound emulation, supports all 5 channels (2 Square Wave, 1 Triangle, 1 Noise and 1 DMC (Sample) channel). The DMC channel is still unfinished but works for most games.
  • An interactive debugger, with an "old-school" command prompt. Disassemble instructions, dump memory, set breakpoints. Somewhat useful (for me, at least.)
  • Gamepad support (very very rough, settings not saved yet)
  • Fullscreen support (even more rough, if possible, than the Gamepad support.)
  • The ability to throttle speed to various percentages of original speed. Yeah, just in case you want to play Tetris at 25% speed...
  • Makes good coffee!
  • v0.25 has a significant (~50%) speed increase over the prior versions, though it's still nothing to write home about. As I do more cleanup and optimization I expect this to improve significantly, but I'm not expecting this to ever set any records...

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