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Overlord PC – Parche 1.4

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Trailer de Overlord PC

Codemasters y Triumph Studios acaban de sacar un parche para el juego PC Overlord que trae entre sus principales novedades trae un nuevo modo de juego a pantalla partida, compatibilidad con el sistema amBX de Philips y soluciona algunos bugs, sin dudas interesante este parche que tan solo pesa 76 MB...

Overlord v1.4 Game Features

* Split Screen

Select the Split Screen option on the Main Menu to start a Split Screen match. You can choose from any of the Slaughter, Pillage and Co-op Survival maps and change Time and Score limit for each. Maps include a new free Survival map called Rocky Race.

You must have a second input device to play a Split Screen match. Player 1 will use Keyboard and Mouse and Player 2 will use a Gamepad. Use the “Config” tool to change key and button settings.

* amBX

OVERLORD PC Patch 1.4 is designed to support the amBX™ PC gaming peripheral. To ensure it is set up correctly:

- Run Start Menu -> Programs -> Codemasters -> Overlord -> Config
- Select the Video tab
- Select “amBX”
- Click “Save & Play”


* Quitting and saving at the start of the Jewel Tower cutscene no longer results in the “Speak to Jewel” Quest remaining incomplete. Existing Save Games affected by this issue will also be fixed, if the following steps are taken:

1. Leave the Tower using the Tower Heart Portal.
2. Visit any domain.
3. Return to the Tower using any Waypoint Gate /Save Stone.
4. The Jewel cutscene will play on returning to the Tower. Jewel will be present in the Tower and the “Speak to Jewel” quest completes.

* Patch enables players with the Overlord Raising Hell boxset to play Online/LAN matches with Overlord players (who have also patched to 1.4).
* A number of additional minor / rare issues resolved
* All 1.2 fixes

Descargar el parche version 1.4 de Overlord PC:

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